Committee chair mutes Rep. Kraft’s comments

The chair of the House Community and Economic Development Committee ordered staff to mute Rep. Vicki Kraft’s comments on a bill Jan. 18 during a virtual public hearing. The action came during testimony on House Bill 1629, concerning a comprehensive study of aerial imaging technology uses for state agencies, special purpose districts, and local tribal governments.

Just before the virtual public hearing ended, Kraft, R-Vancouver, had a question.

“I was asking about ensuring privacy, and making sure the government doesn’t abuse what may be well intended – such as emergency powers. Suddenly, the chair jumped in, talked over me, and ordered me to be muted,” said Kraft.

The incident was recorded on TVW.

“This is another example of why remote sessions are not in the best interest of the public. The majority power wields the ability to silence questioning or opposition of their legislation through a click of the mouse. On Zoom, it is very easy to control what members can and cannot say,” said Kraft.

Watch the video:


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