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Dear Friends and Neighbors,

As a member of the Washington State House of Representatives, I send occasional email updates designed to keep you informed about the issues being debated in the Legislature that may impact our communities and Washington state. If you think you received this message in error, or do not want to receive email updates from me, simply click on the link below to unsubscribe from my email list.

Welcome to my first email update for the 2017 legislative session. It was an honor to stand with my colleagues on the House floor at noon Monday, Jan. 9 and be sworn in as your state representative. Thank you for allowing me to serve you and our communities in Olympia.

Rep. Kraft opening day 2017 sessionAppointed to leadership role

I'm humbled and honored to be appointed assistant whip for the Washington State House Republican Caucus during my first session as a legislator. The appointment was made by my colleagues in the caucus.

In this new role I'll assist House Republican Whip Rep. Dave Hayes in making sure our members are ready to vote when legislation makes its way to the floor of the House of Representatives. In addition, I'll help maintain decorum during caucus meetings and ensure caucus activities are carried out.

This is a very exciting time to be selected for this position. We have several big policy decisions to make during the 2017 session for the future of our state. I look forward to putting my expertise to work to further our efforts this session.

Rep. Vicki Kraft, Opening Day 2017 sessionCommittee assignments

Committees help organize the work of the Legislature, considering, shaping and recommending laws to govern the state. Bills begin and end their lives in committees, whether they are passed into law or not. Hearings are held to discuss and debate the policy being proposed and the public, interest groups and key experts are invited to come and speak.

I'm glad to announce I've been selected to sit on three committees for the 2017 legislative session.

The House Rules Committee maintains control of the House floor. With important oversight responsibilities this committee influences every piece of legislation that reaches the House floor for debate and consideration. Rather than hearing a specific area of policy, as most other committees, the Rules committee determines what, and when, bills come to the House floor. In addition, we will be reviewing schedules and adopting floor resolutions.Rep. Vicki Kraft, R-Vancouver

House Capital Budget Committee considers the state capital budget, which funds the construction and repair of public buildings and other long-term investments, such as land acquisitions and transfers. It is often called the 'bricks and mortar' budget because it pays for public facilities, including construction of schools, colleges, prisons and other state buildings. During the 2017 session this important committee will be addressing necessary funding for additional classroom space, a topic of concern for many school districts.

The House State Government Committee hears proposals involving the processes of state agency rulemaking, public employment and procurement standards. This committee also addresses matters related to elections, campaign finance, public disclosure and ethics in government.

How to learn moreRep. Vicki Kraft opening day 2017 session

Interested in learning more about bills being heard this session? You can actively participate in the legislative process in a variety of ways. Here are some resources:

Have more questions? Please send me an email, call my office, or make an appointment for a visit.

Students are welcome to apply for House Page Program

The young people of Washington state have an opportunity to serve as pages for the state House of Representatives. Students between the ages of 14 to 16 years old can apply for the page program. Pages attend school at the legislature, deliver interoffice mail, assist legislators on the house floor, learn about the legislative process and even take part in the daily flag procession.

Pages often gain lifelong inspiration to participate in civic life. Several of the pages who participated in the program went on to be session aides, interns, legislative assistants, staffers and even elected officials. Pages earn $35 per day while serving in the program and can stay with a host family. Interested students should apply with the House Page Program, then email a copy of your application to my office at vicki.kraft@leg.wa.gov

Listening to you

Improving our communities is a team effort. I look forward to hearing from you in the days ahead. Ideas for bills come from a number of sources, you don't need to be a state employee or a member of a special interest group to make a change. If you have an idea for how government can work better call me at 360-786-7994, or send an email to vicki.kraft@leg.wa.gov.

My door is always open and again, thank you for the privilege of serving you in the state House of Representatives.


Vicki Kraft

State Representative Vicki Kraft, 17th Legislative District
436 John L. O'Brien Building | P.O. Box 40600 | Olympia, WA 98504-0600
360-786-7994 | Toll-free: (800) 562-6000