Rep. Vicki Kraft appointed assistant whip for House Republicans, assigned to three House committees


Rep. Vicki Kraft, R-Vancouver, was appointed to the position of assistant whip for the House Republican Caucus for the 2017 legislative session. The first-term legislator was promoted to the positon by leadership within the caucus.

Rep. Vicki Kraft, R-Vancouver, 17th Legislative DistrictIn her new role, Kraft will assist House Republican Whip Rep. Dave Hayes in ensuring members of the caucus are in attendance and voting when legislation makes its way to the floor of the House of Representatives. In addition, Kraft will help maintain protocol during caucus meetings and ensure caucus activities are carried out in an orderly fashion.

“I'm very humbled to be selected as assistant whip my first session as a legislator. This year is not about business as usual. We have some big votes coming on critical policy areas for our state,” said Kraft. “I'm glad to help facilitate and organize our work.”

Furthermore, Kraft was assigned to sit on the House Rules, Capital Budget, and State Government committees.

The House Rules Committee maintains control of the House floor. With important oversight responsibilities this committee influences every piece of legislation that reaches the House floor for debate and consideration. Rather than hearing a specific area of policy, as most other committees, the Rules committee determines what, and when, bills come to the House floor. In addition, the committee reviews schedules and adopts floor resolutions.

“I'm excited to receive this assignment. To be chosen for this committee as a first-term legislator is an honor,” said Kraft.

House Capital Budget Committee considers the state capital budget, which funds the construction and repair of public buildings and other long-term investments, such as land acquisitions and transfers. Often referred to as the “bricks and mortar” budget, the capital budget provides infrastructure funding for schools, hospitals, prisons and other buildings.

“Delivering a plan to fund key building projects without additional taxes on hard-working families is achievable,” said Kraft. “We can live within our means, prioritize government spending and create a sustainable budget.”

The House State Government Committee hears proposals involving the processes of state agency rulemaking, public employment and procurement standards. This committee also addresses matters related to elections, campaign finance, public disclosure and ethics in government.

The 2017 Legislative session began today and ends April 23.



Washington State House Republican Communications