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Vicki Kraft

Representing the 17th District

It is an honor to serve my neighbors, friends and family in Olympia. Today, our state government faces significant challenges. We must approach our state budget as any prudent family would, setting short-term and long-term priorities, spending wisely and living within our means.

Greater economic development can be accomplished with regulatory reform. We must remove the shackles from businesses, reduce regulations, and attract new employers to our region and state.

Our children's future success depends on a quality education. As such, education should be focused on improving student achievement. This will properly prepare them for college or learning a trade, they will be equipped to achieve their goals and dreams. With our communities growing rapidly, common-sense transportation solutions are needed to reduce commute times. Drivers and commerce should not be hindered by traffic.

Listening is the key to representing you effectively in Olympia. Our ongoing conversation helps me make well-informed decisions. Please feel free to contact my office if you have ideas, comments or concerns.

Rep. Vicki Kraft
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