It is an honor to serve you, my neighbors and friends of the 17th District. Today, our state government faces significant challenges. We must approach our state budget as any prudent family would, setting short-term and long-term priorities, spending wisely, and living within our means.

Greater economic development can be accomplished with regulatory reform. We must remove the shackles from businesses, reduce regulations, and attract new employers to our region and state.

Our children's future success depends on a quality education. As such, education should be focused on improving student achievement. This will properly prepare them for college or learning a trade, they will be equipped to achieve their goals and dreams. With our communities growing rapidly, common-sense transportation solutions are needed to reduce commute times. Drivers and commerce should not be hindered by traffic.

Listening is the key to representing you effectively in Olympia. Our ongoing conversation helps me make well-informed decisions. Please feel free to contact my office if you have ideas, comments, or concerns.

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My Priorities

Helping struggling families

In the 2022 legislative session, budget writers had a historic, $15 billion surplus when they sat down to develop the supplemental operating budget. Republicans offered several tax-relief proposals, including a supplemental operating budget framework that would have reduced the state sales tax rate by a full percentage point, but the Democrat majority ignored these ideas and chose to pass a supplemental operating budget that spends too much, saves too little, and offers no meaningful tax relief. They could have helped struggling families with real tax relief, but chose to grow the size and scope of state government instead.

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Restoring balance in state government

I was among the first lawmakers to call for a return of balance of power to the Legislature and the people of Washington state through an emergency powers reform measure I authored House Bill 1381. The bill would have limited the governor’s emergency powers to 14 days after a state of emergency proclamation, unless extended by the Legislature from a two-thirds vote in both the House and Senate. If the Legislature is not in session, a special session could be called to extend the state of emergency proclamation. Unfortunately, my bill and many other emergency powers reform bills were blocked by the Democrat majority.

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Supporting law enforcement and preventing crime

In the 2021 legislative session, the Democrat majority passed police reform legislation that limited the tools and tactics used by police officers to keep our communities. Two measures in particular, House Bill 1310 and House Bill 1054, had devastating consequences for public safety. Republicans introduced the Safe Washington Plan in the 2022 legislative session to address these problems, support law enforcement and prevent crime. While the Democrat majority did fix some of the problems, with the help of Republicans, they failed to address the important vehicular pursuit issue. Criminals continue to exploit the system.

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Improving election integrity, security and accountability

I introduced legislation in the 2022 legislative session that would restore truth, accuracy and integrity to our elections. Under House Bill 2115, a forensic audit would be required for general elections. Forensic images would need to be captured before and after each election, all election data would need to be retained for 22 months and available for public inspection, and strong checks and balances would be incorporated into the state’s election process using a state audit board made up of people from across the state, including the state auditor.

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Meet Vicki Kraft

Representing the 17th District, which includes East Vancouver and Central Clark County, Vicki Kraft brings experience, sound judgment, and a comprehensive understanding of the intricacies of state government to her job as a legislator. Her broad range of experience interfacing with both federal and state agencies motivated her to...

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